AEGAI, is the European Association of Managers and Real estate Administrators. AEGAI is an independent association formed in order to support and to protect the professional rights of their associates and to defend their communal interests. AEGAI attach great importance to inform and advise their members. The organization gives their member the indispensable education, understanding that this is the best way to guard the professional integrity of the members of AEGAI. The professional who is associated to AEGAI receives manifold advantages, among which:

AEGAI offers their members legal advice in the field of activity of administration of communities.

The member will automatically obtain the professional accreditation and the diploma of membership of the association.

All members will be able to accede to the subscription of an insurance policy of civil responsibility of professional nature, to insure the risks derived directly from the exercise of the administration of communities and the intermediation in the real estate market in general. With this insurance the insured is legally qualified and is in fulfillment of the requirements that the exercise of this profession have at any moment.

The member has the possibility of attending formative events of diverse nature (conferences, courses, etc.).

The member will have access to a flow of continuous information of journalistic, academic and legislative character referring to the evolution of the sector. On the 24th of September 1997, the General Secretary of the Spanish Department of the Interior authorized the umbrella organization AEGAI. The ministerial delegation granted this authorization by order 6-6-96 (BOE 7-6-96), which provided our association the national number 162.711.


Hestria Administración de Fincas S.L.
Av. Flamingo, 32
38632 Palm-Mar (Arona)
Santa Cruz de Tenerife

(+34) 922 795 613
 Community meetings and Video Conferencing

Community meetings and Video Conferencing

Current circumstances are pushing us in the direction of faster than planned digitalisation and modernization. Various technical applications that were considered impossible not long ago have now been incorporated...

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 Horizontal (commondhold) property law

Horizontal (commondhold) property law

Here you can find the English translation of the “ley de propiedad horizontal”, including the latest modifications from 2019. This document will be updated directly after there is a change in the legislation.

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