Communities of owners are these days increasingly looking for value for money, and at Hestria we are doing our utmost to deliver the best service possible using all available tools. Various new technical applications have now been integrated within our company, providing owners with everything they expect from a modern administration office.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. The power of a CRM system lies in your community having accurate, up-to-date information on all matters concerning the community of owners.

To that end, all possible incidents/problems regarding the community are recorded on a CRM database and all documents and actions taken are saved (emails, photos, quotations, etc.) in the allocated folder. Periodically, the president will be by email an easy-to-read summary regarding ongoing issues, which will allow him/her to maintain a clear view of what is going on in the community.

Hestria has held the “digital office level 1” and “Paperless office” certificates since 2020. An automated system ensures the most professional bookkeeping currently available and the bookkeeping is processed (semi) automatically on a daily basis.

In addition, Hestria purchased a new program to automate the collection of outstanding community fees. Owners will automatically receive a message if a direct debit payment is rejected.

Furthermore, the system can be set up in a way that it acts according to the demands of each community; taking into account the community fee payment schedule in addition to  the amounts to be paid.

For example, an email can be automatically sent to an owner if the debt is not paid within a certain period following the issue of an invoice, or the same can be done if the debt is higher than a previously indicated amount. When the owner does not have email, an internal message through the CRM system can be automatically sent to the person who handles the community issues, in order that they call the owner.

The system was developed to notify owners at an early stage, as often the owner is simply unaware of the existing debt or the returned community fee payment. We all know that the longer it takes for the owner to be notified, the more difficult it is for the community to recover the debt.

Deduction of vat paid for by the community

Although a community of owners is not subject to Value Added Tax (IGIC), we at Hestria take into account the IGIC percentage of each individual invoice paid by the community and these amounts are recorded as such.

Companies and professionals who are co-owners of the building in which they carry out their business activities can deduct their share (ownership share) of the VAT paid by the community for the purchase of goods and services.

Hestria can make all documents available and issue a certificate stating the proportion of IGIC paid by a property (according to their share quota) and the owners can use this certificate for tax return purposes.

As stated by the Royal Decree-Law 6/2010, house owners can deduct from their private tax return the community expenditure for work aimed at the energy improvement of houses, in addition to the replacement of electricity, water, gas or other supply installations and the improvement to accessibility of building or houses.

To that end, Hestria can also make all documents available and issue a certificate stating the proportion paid through that investment (according to the share quota). The owners can use this certificate for their tax return.


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